Judul-Judul Novel yang Tersedia

Berikut beberapa judul novel yang tersedia:

2061: Odysey three – Arthur C.Clarke
A Time To Die – Wilbur Smith
Act of Will – Barbara Taylor Bradford
Atlantis-Greg Donengan
Belfast Confidential-Colin Bateman
Butcher Baker-Walter Gilmour& Lehan E.Hale
Cinnamon Skin – John D. Mc. Donalt
De Verborgen Geschiedenis- Donna Tartt
Dixie City Jam- James Lee Burke
Dolket- Wilbur Smith
Endgame-Harvey Ardman
False Memory- Dean Koontz
From The Mouth of The Monster-Robert Miladinich
Hour of The Clown- Amos Aricha
Innocent Revenge- Cathleen Brew
Laurel Canyon-Steve Krantz
Letter to Penthouse XIII
Mamista-Lena Deightton
Mila 18 – Leon Uris
Mirace-Dan Passman
Mitigating Circumtances- Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Nama Buku dan Pengarang
Portraits-Cynthia Freeman
Prayer From Rain-Dennis Lehane
Riddle-Tom Hillstrom
Serpent-Clive Cussler
Seven Stories- Noel Coward
Shadow of The Wolf-James Barwick
Silent Joe-T.Jefferson Parker
Sion Crossing-Anthony Price
Split Second – David Baldaci
The Billion Dollar Bubble – Dow Jones
The Black Marble-Joseph Wambaugh
The Intruder – Anton Myrer
The Joy Luck Club-Amy Tan
The Lady Killer – Martina Cole
The Magdalene Cipher-Jim Hougan
The Nagotiator- Frederick Forsyth
The Thorn Birds- Collen McCollough
The Wanting Seed-Anthony Burgess
Treasure-Clive Cussler

~ by alastro on April 27, 2009.

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